Application in plant growing

For the use of humates in crop production, a working solution is prepared on plants. The humate working solution’s concentration and a quantity which is necessary for plants’ treatment is determined by an assignment of the treatment and by a kind of the treated crop.

humate № 1                                                  humate № 2                                             control

(liquid product produced of peat)         (dry product produced of lignite)                            (no humates)

First young growths                     Haulm height (25 days after planting)

humate № 1 – 18.04.2014                                                   humate № 1- 22 сm

humate № 2 – 23.04.2014                                                   humate № 2 – 17 сm

control  – 27.04.2014                                                           control  – 13 сm


For a higher humate’s effect on crops, it is necessary to combine the seed treatment or planting material with 3-4 plant treatments during their growth and development.In such an application we obtain:

  • young growths appearance 2-9 days earlier;
  • higher germination (7-10%);
  • germination energy 12-14% higher;
  • growths aligned in height;
  • height and tillering of plants 10-19% higher;
  • the amount of productive plants 15-17% higher on 1 m²;
  • productivity 15-20% higher;
  • resistance to adverse conditions;
  • improvement of product quality.


The intensity of growth of radish seeds:              Humate’s influence                       Cabbage: on the left – treated

On the left – treated with humate,                        on grain crops                 with humate,  on the right – no humate

On the right – no humate

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