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Humates are salts of humic acids, which are contained in natural formations, such as peat, sapropel, humus soil, lignite, and others. The humic acids’ structure includes a whole range of biologically active substances. After getting into a living organism, humates join its work at the cellular level. Enveloping a cell membrane, they create a protective skin, which prevent harmful substances and pathogens from entering the cell and supplies it with nutrients. Herewith the humate easily interacts with cells even on the surface (through skin of animals and plants’ leaf surface). After getting into soil, a humate activates soil’s humus, ties harmful substances up and, when used regularly, serves for resurgence of soil’s natural fertility.

The humates produced by our company are generated from peat of an environmentally friendly deposit, which was chosen by us after careful analysis of several peat bogs. Why did we choose peat as a source of humic substances? Humic substances of peat are the most biological active. Both people and animals know it. Anciently peat has been used as a fertilizer of аhigh quality, and animals and birds eat it gladly; fish tend to spawn in water flowing from peatbogs. We allocate the most active organic part of peat enriched with mineral complex of useful substances which are necessary for living organisms, and produce our products on its basis. Humic substances, extracted from other raw materials (lignite, sapropel, etc.), are not so active, even with a higher content of active substances.

Our company produces highly concentrated humic products which are a unique biological complex which shows a high activity not only due to the substances contained, but also as a result of its mobile state due to redox reactions constantly occurring. We can say that this product is “alive” and that is why it is easily connects to metabolism, supplying «building elements» which are necessary for an organism. Due to it living organisms spare vital power and can make it increase their own protection functions. Plants and animals become more stress-resistant, it becomes easier for them to tolerate adverse environmental conditions, they are less susceptible to diseases, grow and develop faster, and as a result we get a clean beneficial production.

This humic product received from lowland peat is a clean product without pathogenic microflora and toxic chemicals. This information is confirmed with the results of relevant tests and with a certificate of conformity (№ 0865571).


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