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mineral fertilizers

EcoGreen »fertilizer


Only apply for plant nutrition, being food elements

(mostly NPK)

Provide optimal growth and development of plants in any phase of vegetation, which leads to an increase in yield by 15-50%, a reduction in the maturity of the crop, the absence of putrefactive diseases on plants and soil, accelerate the process of adapting plants to specific soil- climate conditions

Plant assimilation

Assimilated by 18-22%, the remaining amount of active ingredients remains in the form inaccessible to plants, being a kind of paid-up ballast.

Improve the nutrition of plants. Humic acids in the composition form complex compounds with phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and microelements, which are easily assimilated by plants. This involves those elements that were previously inaccessible, and the PPC is not affected.

Action in terms of increasing soil fertility

Not useful because they do not contain an organic part.

In a short time, restore soil fertility even in extreme conditions: after oil spills, fires, floods, mudflows, deserts

Impact on the soil microflora

Destroy a significant part of the beneficial soil microflora, disrupting the natural biochemical and micro-biological processes in the soil. In addition, the destruction of beneficial microflora leads to an increase in the amount of pathogenic that causes outbreaks of diseases.

The numbers of Azotobacter, Fosfobactera and Bacillus subtilis are grown in the soil, restoring a single biochemical and microbiological process. Destroy pathogenic microflora causing diseases in soil and plants

Combating diseases in soil and plants

Not useful

Fight against diseases of bacterial, fungal, viral nature: late blight, phomosis, fusarium, powdery mildew, mildew, black leg, tobacco spotted mosaic, rhizoctonia, etc.

Neutralization of chemical plant protection products

Not useful

Neutralize the action of chemical. remedies, restoring immunity and reducing the concentration of poisons in plants and fruits

Action in adverse weather conditions

Act properly in a certain range of temperatures and humidity values, with excess moisture or when drought does not work.

The resistance of plants to unfavorable weather conditions is not affected.

Are intended for any climatic zones and any kinds of cultures.

Impact on soil humus

Destroy humic acids of soils, reducing the percentage of humus and, consequently, their fertility.

Drastically increase the concentration of humic acids in the soil, which eventually leads to an increase in the percentage of humus.

Effects on taste and nutritional value of agricultural products

In excess, products of deteriorated quality are given.

Improves the taste and keeping quality of agricultural products.

Environmental Safety

Abuse of mineral leads to an ecological catastrophe, a decrease in yield, a deterioration in the ecological purity of agricultural products.

Heavy metals and other harmful or radioactive elements are transferred, including toxic industrial waste and environmentally hazardous chemicals, to an inert, inaccessible to the plant form, increasing the ecological properties of the soil. The products are environmentally friendly.

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